Anti-Drug PSA: Don’t Eat Government Propaganda

Stephen Harper, or the scapegoat of “Health Canada,” just spent 1.5 million on running anti-marijuana ad campaigns. I believe it’s painfully obvious that we have to point a finger at Harper in this case for two main reasons.

Reason one:

The original installation of the taxpayer-funded marijuana ads ran alongside a radio ad campaign paid for by the Conservative party, which took aim at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over his promise to legalize and regulate marijuana.

Reason two:

“As the largest national organizations representing Canada’s doctors, the CFPC, CMA and Royal College were invited to co-brand and provide expert advice on an upcoming public education campaign initiated and funded by Health Canada,” said a joint-statement issued last summer.

“We did not, and do not, support or endorse any political messaging or political advertising on this issue.”

Essentially, Harper has every motive to employ anti-marijuana propaganda as it bolsters his own anti-marijuana narrative and takes a jab at his opponents pro-marijuana narrative. Health Canada has no genuine motive (regarding the health if its citizens) to make statements and spend tax payer dollars pretending that ad campaigns will lower teen marijuana use. This all comes down to the current dictator using the “public” institutions at his disposal as well as the “public” funds he has access to to benefit his chances at reelection.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I endorse children using marijuana recreationally. Regardless of the enormous medical benefits for a plethora of horrible diseases that marijuana has been proven to treat, the increasingly outdated argument that marijuana alters young minds should not be something Canadians tax dollars should be propagating.

The word “psychoactive” is often misused as referring to powerful substances, when in reality it simply refers to a substances which alter the state of your mind. Coffee alters your mind. A lot of things alter your mind. Eating a cheeseburger (or any food you enjoy) releases dopamine, which alters the state of your mind. Since our government has a hegemony on health care which holds hands with the big pharma companies, there is a direct profit for the current profiteers in politics to keep marijuana illegal. Can you think of any other propagated ad campaigns which highlight a product as being bad for altering your mind besides marijuana?

Humans are products of their environment. If you train for a sport every day for years, you will be altering your brain and entire body. If you play a lot of video games, it alters your brain. This study showed changes in the brain after one week of violent video game playing. Does that mean we should try banning violent video games? Or does it simply mean that the things we do affect who we are. If you smoke marijuana and watch The Simpsons 12 hours a day, you will alter your brain compared to how it was before. If you smoke marijuana and lead an engaging life, your brain will be altered accordingly. Instead of pointing the finger at one element of someone’s environment, I think it would be interesting to try to compare the kinds of changes in the brain from marijuana with those which come from child abuse, child neglect, etc. I’m quite positive that if we had studies like that being done, we would have 1.5 million dollar “Don’t hit your kids, it’s extremely detrimental to their young brains” ads instead of anti-marijuana ads.

In fact… we already have many studies which prove that violence against children is extremely detrimental to their development, and is a vicious cycle in which the majority of parents who hit their kids were hit themselves. This cycle is something we could break through education, and possibly even government propaganda.

The 1.5 million dollars isn’t just for the marijuana ads, though. They also want to warn Canadians about abusing prescription drugs… which is something our government already controls through extreme regulation (preventing competition and innovation). The government is by far the biggest drug dealer, if only with all the rules they are allowed to place on what drugs are sold to patients legally, not to mention the cut they make from each sale through multi-leveled taxation and fees for drug companies to be allowed to sell to Canadians.

An outsider should easily see this campaign as the biggest, most powerful drug dealer telling everyone to stay away from their competition, and to use their wonderful products more carefully.

I do not endorse the use of any drugs, the only drug I would go out of my way to tell people to avoid is the government propaganda which we are forced to pay for. In terms of the damage done to society, I believe this is the most commonly abused drug, and its addicts rarely even question or even realize their own addiction.

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