Democracy: Donald Trump Style

Everyone loves democracy. I’m kidding of course, but generally everyone who bothers casting a vote attempts to defend the notion of democracy. Their argument: “By the people, for the people.”

I have never heard of anyone, ever, who prides themselves on knowing about politics, say that they are voting for a candidate whose plan they don’t understand at all, but with whom they have an unshakable trust. So much so that they will vote for the guy based on how much they trust him, even though his concrete proposals and ideas don’t make sense to them.

What I’m saying is that people vote for plans that make sense to them. If you don’t like the welfare state, you vote for the guy promising smaller government. If you believe that only governments should provide certain services they currently aren’t, you vote for the parties promising larger government. You get the point. Nobody votes for Indiana Jones because he’s Indiana Jones, they vote for him because of something he proposed.

So what about the Donald? Let’s take one of the anti-Trump arguments at face value: That he has flip flopped on “every issue, ever,” and that he is a populist and is saying whatever he has to say to get votes.

First off, even though I prefer Trump to every other US presidential candidate ever, I actually think this anti-Trump argument is a great reason to vote for him. Just like Obama lied about his plans for Iraq, and sent a record surge of troops and pulled out later than Bush would have, we have no fucking idea what Trump will actually do once elected. All that matters is what he is saying.

I don’t need to cite any polls to let you know that as I write this almost a month into 2016, he’s doing extremely well. He’s obviously saying things that people like. Are there people who voted for Obama because he was black? Yes. Are people currently supporting Trump because he’s a household name? I’m sure. But that’s not where the huge discrepancy in the polls comes from.

No matter what Trump said in the past, what he is saying today is what the people want. They want immigration as the number one issue. They want someone treated unfairly during the FOX debate to not only say “fuck it,” but to hold a fundraiser for veterans instead. And if you have been really astute over the last few months of his campaign, you want him to keep doing what he’s doing, exposing the media as liars that are incapable of dealing with some harsh facts.

So back to where we started. Democracy is “by the people, for the people.” That means that whoever wins the election (hopefully by popular vote but necessarily by also winning the electoral college), he is toting the positions that “the people” want, “for the people.”

Anyone who knows me or reads my site knows I hate democracy. But given that so many of my friends, family and fellow citizens seem to love it… it would seem that you should love the Donald as much as you love democracy. Because he is the best at it.

One thought on “Democracy: Donald Trump Style

  1. How the mighty have fallen! I think that Donald Trump tapped into a vein of American discontent among those who were hurt by globalization and those who feel that they can build a wall around the United States and live comfortably within it. At least blame technology for some of the change, but don’t blame it all on politics. For awhile, Donald Trump was Mr Teflon and managed to break most of the rules that mere ‘politicians’ felt obliged to follow – like making sure they weren’t miked for using the word “pussy” for anything other than a feline. He sucked all the air out of the media coverage of other candidates, who were politicians, but ironically one of the least political comments that he was on record for saying, finally provoked a negative reaction. I don’t know whether I am relieved that some of his followers are offended by this one particular comment or horrified that so many people didn’t react more negatively to earlier comments like a wall between Mexico and the U.S. I also don’t like democracy. It’s messy and hard to control. Unfortunately it seems to produce pretty adult results in the face of the extreme vetting that our candidates are getting.

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