Donald Trump Speech Analysis

The Donald did extremely well in the South Carolina primary. His victory speech is politically brilliant, and his positions are becoming more clear and refined. Here is everything you need to know about it.

He begins by thanking everyone. The voters, the volunteers, and his giant family that are all on stage supporting him. His extremely-pregnant daughter Ivanka was there:

Could be — it could be any second. It could even be before I’m finished but it’s — but she insisted on being here. It was so important to Ivanka to insist on being here so thank you.

He then quickly transitions to a positive look forward. He starts by mocking desperate media pundits:

But a number of the pundits said, “well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out if you add their scores together it’s going to equal Trump.”

But these geniuses — they’re geniuses — they don’t understand that as people drop out I’m going to get a lot of those votes also.

The argument that most people who don’t already support Trump won’t later in the election only applies to a certain percentage of people. We have no idea how many people could be persuaded to vote Trump before November.

I want to also congratulate the other candidates. In particular I have to say Ted and Marco did a really good job and they got — they did quite well as I understand. No, come on. Just one minute. Come on. One second, right? Good.

OK. We go back to war tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning we’ll be back but I just want to congratulate the other candidates. There’s nothing easy about running for president, I can tell you. It’s tough, it’s nasty, it’s mean, it’s vicious, it’s beautiful.

He gets the audience to halt their booing for Cruz and Rubio in the briefest-yet-most-sportsmanlike mention of other candidates I can recall a presidential candidate make before even reaching the mid-way point in the primaries. He then immediately frames the situation in a light which makes him seem more powerful. If running a campaign is so hard, why is he doing so well when he is spending the least amount of money, and has never been a politician? We all have our own answers to this, but regardless of them, hearing a political candidate state this is odd and interesting.

He’s obviously not following a teleprompter or written-out points. He knows what he’s going to say, and he says it.

Because our country doesn’t win anymore. Doesn’t win. We don’t win with the military, we can’t beat ISIS. We have great military but we can’t beat ISIS.

This is policy proposal number one. I don’t think other politicians can even say this. Rather than sport lines about how they’re going to use the military, Trump states that he will completely reform the military, to make it better and to conquer the enemies of the US.

Now, I shouldn’t have to mention that I’m not a foreign policy expert. Neither are you. Neither is Trump. And I honestly don’t even think figures like Hilary Clinton are, but that’s besides the point. What he is saying here is his political platform. Every other politician has one. His sounds very different. He’s not vaguely talking about pulling out, or about dealing with enemies. He’s saying our military sucks now, and I’m going to destroy our enemies.

Voters respond to this. If you believe in democracy, and the majority of people want a leader with this mentality, then you should by default be accepting that there is a large consensus that this approach is favoured by your population. If this consensus bothers you, move.

You look at what China’s doing to us, what Japan does to us, what Mexico is just killing us at the border — at the border and with trade. Mexico is killing us — absolutely. We’ll do the wall. Don’t worry. We’re going to do the wall.

Outlining more enemies is a good idea to keep painting yourself as the hero.

The wall is an interesting issue. A lot of people think they can tear the entire concept of Trump down by saying that Mexico will never pay.

The other politicians come down, “you can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall.” I said, “100 percent.” We have a $58 billion trade deficit with Mexico. The wall is going to cost $10 to $12 billion, OK? Believe me, they will pay.

It doesn’t matter if Mexico pays. It doesn’t even matter if Trump builds the wall or not. What matter is how many votes he gets, or loses, from toting this position.

The arguable number two or three GOP candidate currently (Cruz) has already taken the wall idea and made it one of his major points. If I recall correctly, this solidified his second place position before the start of the primaries. The wall works. Israel has a wall between Palestine. The Vatican is basically just a huge wall.

(The pope recently came out and said that building walls is “not Christian.” Welcome to the dystopian world we currently live in)

I understand people’s fear of the idea of building such a large wall. But I believe that fear stems from the rather odd notion that people are at ease with illegal immigration.

Let’s get one thing straight: Everyone wants to live in a first world country. Everyone! I feel very comfortable making this generalization. If you control for people who are able to achieve extreme happiness in harsh climates, conditions, or remote locations, the vast majority of those left would want to live in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. Look at where immigration is up (first world), look where emigration is up (third world), look which way the arrows of the migrants are pointing (The West).

It’s pretty natural and obvious that people who live in Mexico would want to come to the US. It’s also natural to assume that people who were able to get educated and find a job as a lawyer or doctor in Mexico are not going to commit the crime and massive risk of illegally crossing into the US. Everyone coming in is a criminal by default. You can’t legally enter other countries. There are so many reasons why, it would merit its own article. But moving on…

Sixty to eighty percent of female central-american migrants get sexually assaulted on their journey to America. Let me repeat that with numbers. 60 to 80% of female migrants are sexually assaulted while illegally coming to the US. 80% is the more recent estimate. If you wanted to help out your friends who are struggling to find work in another city, and you had to have them brought to you with an 80% chance of them being raped… you would be an ass hole. That’s what you would be, in my honest opinion.

That wall would end this RAPE CULTURE. That’s right, I just admitted that an 80% rape rate is a rape culture. Rape culture does exist. It exists in extreme circumstances, like this.

So I don’t know if building a wall is the best idea. I know that first world countries OBVIOUSLY can’t have open borders, I know that rape and rape cultures are wrong. I know that walls work. I know that the US is the one giving hundreds of millions in foreign aid to Mexico every year, not the other way around.

The wall doesn’t seem so evil anymore if a rape statistic goes from 80% to 0%.

I love Mexico, I love China, I love many of these countries that rip us off because we have leaders that are incomptent and don’t know what they’re doing. I love these countries. They’re great. I have thousands and thousands of Hispanics.

The sentence in bold is what the majority of left-wing propaganda machines picked up on. Taken completely out of context it does quite literally sound like Trump is a low-IQ hick. Given that most anti-Trump pundits don’t take Trump seriously, quoting this out of context is manipulative and misleading. He goes on to say:

I lead with the Hispanics. I’m leading in every poll with the Hispanics. They love me, I love them.

It is a fact that he leads in the polls with Hispanics. That’s what he meant by “I have thousands of Hispanics.” I wonder if these Hispanics have a bit more insight on the logic of Trump’s proposals.

Trump moves to Obamacare:

It’s going to be repealed and it’s going to be replaced. And you’re going to have much better health care at a much smaller cost because Obamacare — if you look — look at the increases in your Obamacare. Twenty-five, 35, 45, even 55 percent. It’s dead. It’s not working. We’re going to go to a plan that’s going to be so much better and so much less expensive.

While I do find the Republican line of “replacing” Obamacare to be vague and similar-sounding to Obamacare itself, I like that he uses numbers to show how much the cost of healthcare has risen. I have witnessed our Canadian political debates turn dystopian when one candidate throws out a number, the other says its false, the first guy sticks with it, and the moderators move on and the crowd remains ignorant and entrenched in their views.

Thus far in the campaign, Trump has NOT done this. He has not used false numbers or false statistics. In his book The Art of the Deal, he outlines that using hyperbole is a great tactic in the media. That is exactly what he has been doing.

The topic of illegal immigration would be non-existent were it not for Trump. You would not know that up t0 80% of those illegal immigrant women are raped on their journey here, if it weren’t for Trump. Do you honestly think that the other politicians had more important issues to discuss? In the context of American politics, discussing vast waves of criminals entering your country (I say criminals because entering a country illegally is a criminal action, although we seem to dilly daddle around these terms) is an extremely important and serious topic.

Common core is gone. We are getting rid of common core. We’re brining education to a local level. The people in this community — every time I see them they want education locally. The parents, the teachers. They want to do it — they don’t want bureaucrats in Washington telling them how to educate their children.

Both my parents were teachers. Both of them can relate to this. However, non-teachers who are in favour of smaller, localized government will be ecstatic to hear someone say this. A big, quiet portion of people want smaller government. We aren’t heard on the mainstream media talking about it very much, but many many libertarians and conservatives recognize the need to reduce the size and power of different government and public bodies.

A lot of us (libertarians/conservatives) will get behind Trump if his platform moves towards a free market and smaller-government model. It probably won’t. But statements like this are promising.

We spend as a nation more for education per pupil than any other nation in the world. Not even close. More per pupil — second place doesn’t even exist it’s so different. And yet out of 30 countries we’re ranked number 30. You have China, you have Norway, Swenden, Denmark and then you have number 30, the United States. So we spend the most and we’re at the bottom of the heap. It’s not going to happen anymore, folks. It’s not going to happen anymore.

Pragmatic, numbers, “Make America Great Again.” Considering the US still think of themselves as #1 in the world, statements like this are incredibly powerful in politics.

We’re going to build our military so big, so good, so strong, so powerful that nobody is ever going to mess with us, folks.

And we’re going to buy — we’re going to buy the equipment that our generals, our soldiers, that everybody that’s in the know want. We’re not buying equipment that sells because they have political pull (ph). Because they take campaign and they give campaign contributions.

We are going to get the equipment that they want, not the equipment that they’re told to have by senators and congressmen in Washington. We’re going to have great equipment.

I’m very anti-war. But if there’s any way to promise better military spending to logical, rational people on the left or the right, this is the proper way to do it.

He sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders right here, in a good way. It’s interesting how establishment candidates can’t say things like this.

I’m not getting millions of dollars from all of these special interests and lobbyists and donors that once they get it they literally do whatever the politicians want. That’s not going to happen. And we’re going to take care of our vets. We love our vets and they’re being treated terribly. We’re taking care of our vets.

Donald Trump is himself a special interest. That’s what so interesting! Perhaps this will be the first election where you are voting for the interest itself, rather than a puppet which represents them.

He has also pragmatically demonstrated that he cares quite a bit about veterans, raising millions of dollars for them in lieu of attending one of the debates, among other things.

Please leave me your death threats and claims that I am a racist, xenophobic biggot in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to reply.




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