Protesting Trump’s win, and not Bernie’s stolen win???

At the time of writing this article, 12 days after Donald J. Trump became President-elect of the United States of America, the anti-Trump protests remain strong around the country, and even in some parts of the leftist world.

The DNC e-mails released by Wikileaks lead to one conclusion: Bernie Sanders was stopped from winning the primaries at all costs. He was treated as the enemy, and not a competitor in the popularity contest that the primaries is supposed to be. Many progressives believe that Bernie was the winner of the election, but that the DNC managed to steal it from him by opposing him and supporting Clinton. When the lyin’ New York Times, or as we more accurately call it, Carlos Slim’s personal blog, is covering it this way, you know it’s bad.

So the question I would like you all to focus on is:

Why are we only seeing massive protests questioning the democratic process now, after the electoral college flipped back to red fair and square? Isn’t the “Democratic” party undermining its own name to prop-up an un-tried, un-convicted criminal, a much bigger reason to protest than Donald Trump being the most popular candidate in a majority of states???


I have the answer to this question. It’s very simple.

People are protesting Trump… because the media told them to. Told is not quite the right word, but you’ll understand why I used it in a second.

What are people claiming as their reasons to protest Trump? To sum it up into one sentence, “He’s (the American) Hitler.” These protesters truly believe that America has elected a fascist, racist, sexist, anti-minority, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ++ bigot. Many think he is an idiot, many think his wife is an illegal immigrant. Many think he has been personally bankrupt several times. Many think he is a child rapist.

There is one obvious answer for why people think these things. It’s not from reading court documents proving any of these points. It’s not from studying and understanding Trump’s policies, or speeches. It is completely, 100%, from what the media have told them.

The media have told these people to protest Trump by lying to them about everything relating to him, his movement and his supporters.

Just like the DNC working against Bernie in the primaries was brushed under the rug by both the mainstream media AND Bernie himself, tiny and innocuous elements of Trump’s past have been amplified, with a magnifying glass pointed at them and the megaphone of the media telling everyone to look, listen, and resist.

I’m not worried for most of those who read my website, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and who are generally skeptical of the mainstream media’s intentions and biases. However, I am quite worried for the continued trust our liberal countrymen have for their precious media outlets.

So, it’s our duty to share articles like this one, that politely explain to our misled neighbors in big cities why their sons and daughters are out in the streets protesting the fair winner of the election, and not the poor old socialist who had his win stolen from him.

The media have been telling you how to think, and controlling how you act. More and more people are becoming conscious of this, and the longer you cling on to these false ideas, the longer you blindly trust what the television says, the more of a fool you will go down as in history.

2 thoughts on “Protesting Trump’s win, and not Bernie’s stolen win???

  1. What can I say, we call them libtards for a reason. They aren’t smart enough to understand reality. They are sheeple. Easily led and controlled. No matter how much evidence you show them, they will refuse to believe it.

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