The Hypocrisy of Rape Culture’s Movement

Preface: All rape is bad, and we must cure the causes of it and improve our society by diminishing instances of it.


This may be the most obvious thing I have ever written on my website, but it has to be explicitly laid out in this piece. When you accuse someone of a crime:

  • You are using police and court resources to resolve your case.
  • You are potentially publicly putting your name, the accused’s name, and their alleged actions/crimes on display.

So the people involved are the tax payers, you, and the alleged criminal. Which is everyone. Everyone is involved in the justice system.

This means that a crime committed against the poorest and weakest individuals in society still have a chance in court, rather than completely being ignored based on someone’s economic status. It means that people committing crimes or thinking about doing so hear about other people getting prosecuted. These are the positive aspects of our court system.

However, if an accusation is false, police services, court services, A.K.A. tax payer’s resources are completely wasted. Except in rare cases of extreme mental illness, I highly doubt that any false accusation was made by an accuser who actually believed the purported crime was committed.

I woke up this morning to a re-posted article from VICE, written in 2012. You can view more of this odd series they do, known as “Cry-Baby of the Week,” here.

Some of the featured “cry-babies” are genuinely… cry-babies.


Others appear to mock people who I presume have mental illnesses, which is unfortunate and not very humorous at all.


What could possibly make me write a response to this kind of article series, just weeks after I wrote a huge response to someone who was bothered by similar internet fluff?

Here is the full part of the article in question, with a poll included so you get the gist of what’s going on here:


“But then Soner decided that just getting away with it wasn’t enough.”

Wow, wow, wow. This sounds like the accuser-equivalent to victim blaming. This trivializes how serious a false rape accusation is.


The person who is falsely accused of a sexual offence (whether major or minor) may well never recover from the serious damage that the accuser does to the accused reputation. Anonymity is not afforded to the Accused however it is to the Complainant! Even when the accusations are proven false, people often have the thought of the accusation in the back of their minds. That means that the falsely accused person will have lifetime repercussions because of a lie. No matter what a person has done in their lives, they should never have to deal with being falsely accused of sexual offence.

The only reason VICE can even write in this tone is because this man had a dash-cam, and was able to clear his name. But what if he didn’t have a dash-cam?

Classifying someone as a “cry-baby” for seeking retribution after a group of people attempt to ruin his life (over 13$, four dollars each) is obviously a false comparison, but it’s much worse than that. This sets a precedent. How many men will narrowly avoid having their name and reputation destroyed, and decide not to do anything about it, because of further slandering and insults from articles like these? How many women who act like this after a few drinks feel as if their actions are anything except horrifying, revolting, extremely dangerous and damaging, when articles trivialize what they did and make it seem like a no-big-deal kind of accusation?

Rich, white, privileged college students don’t all wear Go-Pros yet on campus… but maybe they should. The biggest “rape” stories of 2015… were false accusations. Or, at the very least, complex situations which cannot be accurately named incidents of “rape.” You have probably heard of “mattress girl,” or the case at Occidental, both of which are messy cases with lots of conflicting accusations and a lot of evidence suggesting conspiracy and ill-intent on the part of the accusers.

The rape culture movement, from my reading and understanding, doesn’t come out and condemn these incidents of false accusations or of shaming men for wanting retribution. I would stipulate that the movement is on the polar opposite side, wanting to believe any accusations made by females without evidence. That’s why mattress girl is still celebrated, that’s why there is no effort from the rape culture movement to make college rape trials more balanced than “guilty till proven innocent.”

Because there is no such body as the rape culture movement, it would be more accurate to refer to them as the regressive left, or the third-wave feminist movement, which seeks to destroy men, through both honoring false accusers and shaming those who speak out against these instances (among other things). A lot of people, including most of my readers, are left-wing. So why am I singling your media out? Because the only media properly covering any of these topics are everyone except the left.

Fox News, perhaps the channel no one from the left has ever watched outside of “top 10 fail” videos, is covering these issues from the perspective of examining the evidence, rather than siding with the accuser against all suspicions.

You can see how Jezebel treats these stories.  Or how the Huffington Post treats it all the time. One side is trying to write a story about how the accused is innocent, the other about how the accused is guilty.

I’m not praising one side or the other, but this does show how incredibly misinformed people are when their only sources are from one political ideology. News media and journalists have become so polarized that I would never expect Fox to be charitable to a rape victim, nor would I ever expect Jezebel or the Huffington Post to ever question one, no matter how shaky their story.

In a world where all our messages are stored, where our cellphones keep track of our location at all times, it seems a bit odd that everyone pouring over these rape cases which take months or years to “resolve” can have such different conclusions. I believe I speak for most men when I say that we want rapists prosecuted as much as women do. But we also want innocent men to have their names cleared, and to possibly seek retribution, without humiliation.

The hypocrisy of mocking falsely-accused men whose lives can be ruined as much as a rape victim’s is extremely damaging to the rape culture and third-wave feminist movement. If we want to rid the world of rape, we must rid it simultaneously of liars who destroy lives with words alone. If third-wave feminists want their claim of rape culture to be taken seriously, the reality of false rape accusations must be acknowledged.

If not, you must immediately cease stating that feminism is about equality.

If you made it this far and want to read the heart-wrenching case of a false accusation, here is the story of Brian Banks.

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