Toronto Star Journalist Andrej Ivanov Fantasizes About My Death

Toronto Star Journalist Andrej Ivanov Fantasizes About My Death

I remember on the morning of November 9th, 2016, I thought it was over. I thought we had won the battle of ideas. I thought the left would take a look on the inside, and start changing their ways.

As we all know, the exact opposite happened. The left are more angry, more violent, and even crazier than before in their hateful rhetoric against everyone who isn’t on “their side.”

Extremists exist on both sides and in the middle, for certain, but the coverage of violence on the left does not make it past right wing outlets and independent reporters. The concept of Trump supporters all being hateful is a mainstream leftist idea, but that generalization itself and the hate that stems from it goes unseen, unnoticed and unreported by them.

This was put front and center last night, when a former classmate and current Toronto Star reporter Andrej Ivanov started a heated exchange with me on our school paper’s video.


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My original comment was pointing out how the “anti-fascist” protesters were acting like fascists:


Ivanov came in with a long-winded rant, putting every assumption he has about Trump supporters on display, and attempting to dismiss my work and my ideas as “bullshit” and me as a “troll” who wants attention. Keep in mind: my comment had nothing to do with Trump, or immigration, or refugees. It was about a small (read:Canadian) riot we had just days ago.


I decided it wasn’t worth responding to such an empty comment, and told him so, but went back to read the end of it. When I saw what he said at the end, I felt it warranted a response more than anything above it.


The rest of our public exchange was lackluster, with Ivanov attempting to belittle my person by assuming that I’m not actually a Trump supporter and don’t actually oppose cultural Marxism, that I’m just someone who “wants attention.” I should also note here that when I had class with Ivanov, I was not a Trump supporter. I was actually a big leftie for most of that time back in 2014-2015. I’ve always had some contrarian views, but never have I ever said anything hateful in class (or in my entire life), before or after Trump.


I decided to message Ivanov, to smooth things over. I decided I would give him some personal reasons, since he personally attacked me, for why his claims that I am hateful and a racist/Islamaphobe are ridiculous. I kept it as civil as I possibly could, and mentioned how I’m starting to feel unsafe with the violent protests occurring right here at home, as well as the many angry responses I get from people who couldn’t even summarize a single one of my positions or ideas, such as Ivanov himself.


What I got in response shocked me more than anything that’s been sent to me in my entire life. Perhaps it’s because I know Ivanov, perhaps it’s because we went to school together, perhaps it’s because his threats seem so much more realistic than those from a Twitter egg across the continent. (Right-click and open in new tab if it’s too small)


Rather than highlight any of the platitudes, stereotypical accusations of racism/white supremacy or rich ironies within the message, I will focus on the end.

“Be scared. Not of me, I… will not risk my own liberty for the likes of you… So if you’re scared, be scared. […] I’d hate to have to be the one writing a story about some kid I knew in j (journalism) school who got his skull cracked open by a bunch of hooligans and have to call his parents for an interview… it may not be me but it may be one of my colleagues.”

This is serious, serious stuff. Ivanov seems to have a deep hatred for me, and everyone who supports Trump. He seems to have missed the part where I was highlighting how the left are being violent, censoring and hateful, by projecting my comment into reality. I am not the type to fear other people. Ivanov is not an imposing man, nor is he someone very confrontational. But his words expose the hatefulness in his ideas and his ideology, and it’s probably safe to assume that other people feel the same way as him.

Ivanov may think he didn’t make threats by repeating he “doesn’t care” and “won’t risk his liberty over me.” But repeatedly telling me I need to stop talking and that I should be scared is tacitly supporting the idea that what I am saying is deserving of violence.

Canada is known for being peaceful, but the video of the “anti-fascist” protests, some isolated incidents, as well as Ivanov’s seeming-fantasy of reporting my death, suggest that violent leftism knows no borders.

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For the purpose of historical documentation of radical leftism and future reporting, all of Andrej Ivanov’s statements and threats against me can be found and copy/pasted from here:

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