Unreasonable Discussion: The Implosion of the Left.

Unreasonable Discussion: The Implosion of the Left.

My journey to speak my mind on social media has led me to realize how pointlessly touchy people are about all the wrong things.

I can derail any conversation about the gay community by referring to them as “the gays” with most people on the left. Suddenly the discussion has to be put on hold because I didn’t call them “gay people,” and the other party needs to halt the entire thread to make sure I’m aware that they are people and that I’m not in fact Hitler.

Talking about black crime makes you insensitive and hateful of “the poor,” as if implying that all blacks and/or all crime stems from poverty isn’t itself a form of discrimination as well as problem avoidance.

Talking about transgender bathroom issues makes you a hateful transphobe for wanting to examine the potential for a slippery slope.

Talking about radical Islam makes you an Islamaphobe, because not all Muslims are terrorists.

Talking about migrant crime makes you ignorant of “the plight” of these poor people, and huge spikes in violent and petty crimes and the birth of no-go zones for citizens and even cops in first world nations is to be labeled a conspiracy theory as enabled by the entire leftist media creating memes about “last night in Sweden” the day of massive migrant riots.

Talking about deporting illegal immigrants isn’t an economic issue, it’s a racial issue that makes you a heartless bastard, as well as a racist, for not respecting the unwritten rules of first-come-first-served that lefties apparently follow regarding immigration.

Talking in favor of nationalism is racist because America used to be a white nation, so any return to the principles of its founding will “benefit white people” and harm minorities.

The list goes on, and on. The left have demonized entire belief systems and swaths of people, and are now stuck listening to people call half their countrymen racist. Stuck listening to news that tell them their President is a dangerous moron. Stuck listening to news that effectively convinces them of the opposite of reality.

Trump is a rapist and a rape enabler, not Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Trump is a racist, not identity politics Democrats.

Trump supporters are violent, not the antifa thugs or journalists who discuss the merits of “punching Nazis.”

Walls are racist and “don’t work,” but not when a celebrity builds one around their mansion.

People who don’t want to help refugees by voting for leaders like Trudeau are heartless, even though none of these pro-refugee people open their doors to private refugee resettlement themselves.

Wanting lower taxes is cruel to the 50% of people who don’t pay income tax in the US and the 70% who get more from the state than they put into it, but wanting people to pay higher taxes isn’t cruel at all.
This isn’t about left and right, this is about what media you choose to dismiss. Not what you choose to “believe.” Facts are facts. If you let an unfunny South African man tell you everyone who disagrees with your ideas is racist, but a local Swedish publication is “lying” about migrant crime, then you are choosing to be led on by demagogues and divisive, fact-averse people who have no business reporting the news or telling you how to negatively label the beliefs of everyone who disagrees with you.

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